Oct 29 , 2019




1. Yoga Towel


This a yoga necessity. Trust me. 


Most yoga mats lack a sticky quality which makes it VERY easy to slip-n-slide once the heart starts pumping and the heat starts building. A yoga class can quickly go from awesome and exhilarating to slippery and stressful without one of these babies. If hot yoga classes or vinyasa/ power flow classes are typical for you, then this is even more a necessity.


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2. Yoga Mat


This one is a given but let’s touch on it anyway. A great place to start the yoga mat search is any major retailer, here you can find loads of inexpensive yoga mats that will get the job done. I recommend this if new to yoga and unsure of what type of classes and the frequency at which you’ll attend.


When, not if, yoga becomes a part of your weekly or daily routine – a more durable, high quality mat is a better option. These yoga mats run a bit pricey but are totally worth it. If needing to justify the cost, simply take the price and divide it by how many times you do yoga in one month… this should help change that perspective.


3. Yoga Bag


Now that we all own a yoga mat, how does a yogi properly carry it around?


A yoga bag is the answer.


The bag is basically a yoga purse which makes the carrying process much, much easier – especially for the heavier duty yoga mats mentioned above.


Yoga bags come in all shapes & sizes and can be found at festivals, yoga studios, online, or at major retailers.Not only do I enjoy promoting independent business owners, I also LOVE the tie-dye prints. The bag is gorgeous, eye-catching, and high quality fabric!


yoga bag, yoga accessory, yoga prop

4. Yoga Strap (to hold the mat)

 Another option to hold and transport a yoga mat is a strap. This is a simple strap contraption that is best for day-to-day use. Mats can be unruly creatures, unrolling all over the place and what not, so this is a simple way to tame them.

5. Yoga Hand Towel  

 A hand/ face towel is an absolute MUST. If the tendency to sweat is always, like moi, then a yoga hand towel will become your best friend forever.


Now the word “yoga hand towel” can be confusing here…. Feel free to use a regular bathroom towel, kitchen towel, or anything in the linen closet. If you run into the predicament of constantly washing hand towels and never having any in stock, then it’s time to invest in a yoga hand towel.


Yoga Accessories: The Must-Have's

6. Yoga Block


Oh blocks you make my heart sing! A block is my number one yoga prop and always a part of my practice. It’s the peanut butter to my jelly, the dough to my pizza, or the chocolate to my cookie. Okay you get the picture!


Yoga blocks are a great prop to keep at home and incorporate into a personal practice or to use at the yoga studio. Wherever they are being used, be sure to keep them close by to help lengthen, extend, deepen, and soften. 

Yoga Accessories: The Must-Have's

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